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About us

The patented PaintKit Liner and PaintKit Roller are the solution for quick and precise cuttin-in and painting of doors, windows, frames & walls.

The PaintKit brand introduces two innovative products for the professional painter: The PaintKit Liner and PaintKit Roller. The patented PaintKit Liner and PaintKit Roller are the solution for fast-paced perfect cutting-in and lacquering of doors, windows, frames and walls. Very easy to use.


The secret of the precision of the PaintKit Liner is the patented adjustable nozzle, ergonomic design, user-friendliness, but also in the special brush hairs. The revolutionary design flawlessly applies a razorsharp paint line. Then, the PaintKit Roller with integrated handle and adjustable spacer finishes the chore.

Paint in a fraction of the time with the PaintKit Liner and PaintKit Roller and

save up to 70% of your time! Paint it perfect with PaintKit.

PaintKit Liner

For cutting-in superfast and razorsharp.

Unique features

  • Adjustable for any angle or upright edge.
  • – Applicable to all smooth surfaces.
  • – Applicable with any alkyd resin- or water based paint. Also with wall paints.
  • – Cutting-in line which actually reaches the corner even through the corner is possible.
  • – No more taping required. So: No upright paint borders when removing masking tape  where dirt is nesting and no more danger of damaging existing paint work when removing masking tape
  • Environmentally friendly because turpentine or diluent use is not necessary. Also no waste of residual paint on masking tape.
  • – Razorsharp cutting-in line.
  • Paint can be stored airless in the tube.
  • The tube is filled with paint in only 30 seconds.
  • Cuts up to 150 stretching meters with 1 filled tube. This is more than enough for all of the cutting-in work of an average house.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the PaintKit Liner takes only 30 seconds.


Fill Tube

adjust liner

draw line

Paintkit Roller

For cutting-in and quick finishing.

Unique features

  • – Adjustable spacer.
  • – Applicable with any alkyd resin- or water based paint. Also with wall paints.
  • Easy even distribution of paint.
  • High paint absorption and paint release.
  • Suitable for cutting-in if a space between an angle or upright is required, as with non-repaintable sealant seams.
  • Made with the best available felt.

Bekijk hier de instructievideo’s van de PaintKit Roller


set distance

load roller

roll surface

Additional information

paint with unrivaled speed and precision

Perfect paint flow due to the speed of application

time saving up to 70%


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