10/09/2017 The number of 100 wholesalers (branches) in the Netherlands where the Paintkit products are available has been reached. There is now also national coverage. Please contact us if you are also interested in becoming a dealer. This can be done through the “Become a Dealer” button.
09/19/2017 Next week, the animation video will be presented showing the use and operation of the Paintkit products. We will keep you informed and will also place this video on the website.
09/18/2017 We are at the SGA fair in Hardenberg (10, 11 and 12 Oct) and Gorinchem (7, 8 and 9 Nov)
16/09/2017 The PaintKit demo in Amsterdam at Hornbach has gone very well, lots of animos and very good reactions, Hornbach Amsterdam thanks !!!
09/04/2017 The Paintkit products are now also available at 46 locations of Bouwmaat.
09/01/2017 Paintkit works on its brand awareness through campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin and Google Adwords.
09/08/2016 Visit our Facebook page for the new extended demonstration video, in which we also paint a wall paint with the Paintkit tools.
08/15/2016 The first products (first out of tools) come in this week and will be tested extensively by us. Probably some minor adjustments will have to be made before we can finally agree. We will mention the introduction of the market through various channels, but certainly on our website. Therefore, keep an eye on them.
03/31/2016 New movies with all of the liner and roller applications posted on website and YouTube
02/10/2016 Website PaintKit refreshed with updated photos of the Liner and the Roller.
11/15/2015 Three fantastic trading days at the SGA fair in Gorinchem. A lot of run-out and many professional painters have tried the Liner and the Roller. The comments were promising. See also:
11/09/2015 New website PaintKit launched.
11/01/2015 We can be found at the SGA fair in Gorinchem on 10, 11 and 12 November, with our new products, the PaintKit Liner and the PaintKit Roller. Test yourself how the products. Come to our stand.

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